Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indian Grocery Store comparison (Hong Kong)

I know you must be looking for Indian Grocery Store details. Here are some points to be noted
Maharaja Store @
Chung King Mansion
  • Most of the Stores are in Tsim Sha Tsui either in Chungking Mansion or Mirador Mansion.
  • There is a store at Hung Hom, Tung Chung, Ap Lei Chau and Causeway bay.
  • Many stores are providing free home delivery subject to minimum order of HKD 200.
  • They also keep many Indian vegetables e.g. Methi, Karela etc.
  • Don't forget to check expiry date of items. 
  • Stores sells many items other than food item e.g. pressure cooker, hair oil, items for pooja, DVD etc.

In February 2011, we have check prices of certain grocery items. This may help you to compare price of various Indian stores at Hong Kong.
Indian Provision Store
Chung King Mansion

Store Name 
New Delhi Store
Maharaja store
Indian Store

Amul Cheese
400 gm
Idly rice
1 kg
200 gm
500 gm
Amul Butter
500 gm
Amul Milk
1 lt x 12
Tata Salt
1 kg
Wheat floor
5 kg

  1. All prices are in HKD.
  2. Lower price is not always beneficial, quality and service are also important
  3. In coming days, we will provide price comparison of other stores also.
  4. Prices were confirmed over phone.
  5. We will also provide address and contact number of stores in coming days

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tourists Confusion

Here are few questions which confuses Hong Kong tourists

  • How many days should we spend in Hong Kong ?
  • Whether to visit 'Tourists places' or 'Traditional Hong Kong places'?
  • Where will we get Indian food ?
  • Which market should we visit for shopping ?
  • Which is best Street market in Hong Kong ?
  • Which are good shopping malls in Hong Kong ?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Commuting in Hong Kong

Though Hong Kong is a small in terms of total area, while touring, it seems to be a very big because of beautiful use of space. If you move around Central Business District or Kowloon, you can understand how big Hong Kong is.

General tips

  • Unless you are sure where you want to go, commuting inside Hong Kong is very challenging.
  • Many places at crowded place and hence you need to select your mode of transport carefully.
  • Few places are very near each other so it is advisable to walk.
  • If you are planning to visit more than 1 place, its better to plan your visits.
  • It is always helpful if you can check map before going anywhere.
  • If you intending to travel Hong Kong for more a week or more, you should buy an Octopus card.
Here are different modes of travelling inside Hong Kong

Hong Kong MTR Train
MTR Train:
Its full name is Mass Transit Railway. Hong Kong has one of the best underground and overground rail network. It is the fastest mode of transportation in Hong Kong. The cost is also reasonable. With more than 200 km of network and 85 railway  station, it is is the best transportation mode in India. Check for more details here.

Mainly there are two types of bus services available at Hong Kong. You can see Double decker buses all around Hong Kong. These are managed by KMB, Citybus, New World First and New Lantao Bus companies. There are mini buses available which runs short distance and goes very fast. Fare is not very high e.g. Mong Kok to Causeway bay fare is HKD 9.8 by AC bus. Bus service is coverage is very good in Hong Kong but you need to find your bus number, bus stand to get on the bus and get off the bus. Most of the signs are in English but don't expect any more help from other people (lack of English speaking people).
Note: when you sit in small buses, keep your eyes open, they drive really fast.

Hong Kong Star Ferry
With limited coverage, Ferry is one of the most romantic & beautiful experience. Number of ferry piers are less in comparison to bus stand and railway station. Most popular ferry is between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. It has more than 125 years of heritage. Travelling by ferry is cheaper and exciting. Area like Discovery bay is very much dependent on ferry as it is not connected by MTR. Ferry charges not uniform e.g. Central to Tsim Sha Tsui costs HKD 2.5 but Discovery bay to Central costs HKD 31.

The most efficient, fast, comfortable and expensive mode of travelling in Hong Kong is Taxi. There are many taxis in Hong Kong and they run by meter and takes the best routes. The basic fare is HKD 18.00 for first 2 km and then HKD 1.50 for every 200 meters. There are charges for luggages if you are carrying. Many taxi drivers from Central district area can speak and understand English.

The heritage of Hong Kong - Tramway. It is a double-decker old fashion tram. It runs in Hong Kong island  from East to West. It is very cheap mode of transportation and worth experiencing. Each trip costs you just HKD 2.00. In October 2010, a tram renovation plan was announced. 161 trams will be renovated at cost of HK 75 million. There is another version of tram i.e. The Peak Tram - if you are going to The peak, you should not miss the opportunity.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hong Kong Airport Transportation

There is very good transportation facility available at Hong Kong Airport. Passengers have variety of choices. Have a look at following
Airport Express Hong Kong
1. Airport Express: '24 minutes into the City', that’s the tag line of Airport Express. It runs from Airport to Hong Kong Central at an interval of 12 minutes. It has two more stations i.e. Tsing Yi and Kowloon. Many hotels provide shuttle bus from Airport Express station.
At the time of returning, free in-town check-in is very helpful. You can check in your luggage at Hong Kong Central or Kowloon station. It gives passenger freedom to roam around in City without luggage on their last day.
Downside of Airport Express is its reach and cost. It stops at only 2 stations so you need to arrange for your transportation from the station. Ticket price for Single Journey to Hong Kong station is HKD 100. Read more
2. Public Buses: Every area of Hong Kong is very well connected with Hong Kong Airport. It is convenient and less expensive. "A” routes, "E" routes, "N" routes and "S" routes are running from various parts of city to Airport. It has facility of placing luggage and comfortable sitting. Normal fare is between HKD 15 to HKD 25 except few new territory areas and Ap Lei Chau. Read more.
Hong Kong
Taxi & Hotel Coach
3. Taxis: This is the most convenient, personalize but expensive travelling mode. You can take taxi from Airport and reaches your destination without worry. It is expensive and cost you HKD 225 to HKD 350 except few nearby areas. Read more
4. Combination: The last option to get into Hong Kong is combination of Bus and MTR. You can take Bus no S1 or S56 from airport to Tung Chung. From Tung Chung you can take MTR to go to any MTR station. It is will cost you around HKD 25.
Downsize of this options is hassle that you may get into. If you have kids, senior citizen or luggage with you, you may not prefer to change your transport.
There are other options like Hotel coaches and Resident’s shuttles but it has very limited coverage.

Reaching Hong Kong ...

Hong Kong
Arrival - Departure Card
Hong Kong is best connected with most of the airports int he world. It is also a hub of Cathay Pacific airlines. Many visitors find connecting flights to other parts of the world here at Hong Kong.

In Feb 2010, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are connected with Hong Kong with direct flight. Indian Airlines, Kingfisher, Jet airways and Cathay pacific airline is having direct flights to Hong Kong. Passengers can also take connecting flights of Singapore Airlines, Malaysian airlines, Indonesian Airlines, Thai Airways to reach Hong Kong with 1 connecting flight.

India Arrival Departure Card
Flight to Hong Kong is about 6 hours and mainly it runs during night. Airlines allow 1 bag with 20 to 25 kg weight only. Economy tickets from Mumbai or Delhi cost around INR 27000 (it used to be INR 23000, in October 2010). For some strange reason, flights from Delhi always costs less. It can be higher at the time of Summer, Diwali and Christmas vacation.

Flight takes off around midnight and lands at Hong Kong in Morning. Hong Kong is 2.5 hours ahead of India. 

Hong Kong Visa sample
Indians have visa on arrival at Hong Kong. It means that Indians do not need any pre-arrival visa. Hong Kong government gives 14 days tourist visa to Indians on arrival. Indians can't take up any job or work with this visa.

With this, I hope you reach and enter Hong Kong safely. Next time more !!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Shopping places near Ladies Market, Mong Kok

There are other shopping places near Ladies Market. These are not street market but medium to high end markets.

1. On Soy Street, Shantung Street and Nelson street, there are shoes, sports apparels and sports items store where you can get original branded items at good discount.

Sai Yeung Choi Street,
Mong Kok
2. Sai Yeung Choi Street is between Ladies Market and Nathan road. It has many telephone, electronics, casual / formal wear shop.

3. Langham Palace is one of the better malls in Hong Kong.It has many high-end shops.

4. Mong Kok Computer center (8, Nelson Street) is nearly 70+ small shops selling computer, laptop and computer accessories. You can get better price for branded items.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photo Blog: Ladies Market, Mong Kok

I will not be exaggerating if we tell that Ladies Market is one of the most famous Hong Kong market in world. It is in Mongkok and you need to take Exit E 2 from MTR to reach Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street)

 Wall Home decoration items

Men's T Shirt

Girls Cloths and Bags

Bags and Purses

Formula 1, Ferrari jackets, T Shirts

Soccer T Shirts

Ladies Accessories 

Kids Traditional Chinese Cloths

Ladies Sweaters

Ladies purses and bags

Home Decoration, wall hangings

Boys Printed T Shirts

Street View, Ladies Market, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Wall Hanging, Home Decoration

Friday, February 4, 2011

Shopping at Li Yuen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Li Yuen Street is one of the most famous street market on Hong Kong Island side. It is not as big as Ladies Market but it has good collection of selective items.

The market is located on Lie Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street West in Central District on Hong Kong Island. You need to take Exit C on Central Station. Here is the road map

Li Yuen Street, Central
Road Map

Market remains open between 11.00 am to 7.00 pm. You will find many street shops like Ladies Market and some stores like Maple.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Indian Cuisine Counter at CityGate, Tung Chung

At Food Republic at Citygate Mall, Tung Chung, there is an Indian food counter. It was a real surprise when you are looking for Indian food while shopping at Citygate, Tung Chung. Many people who are going to Airport by taking an S1 bus, also stops here for food before going to Airport.

Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

2nd Floor, Citygate, Tung Chung

The options are very limited. You will find few Combo and snacks only.


  • Curry Combo is HKD 45
  • Chicken Kabab Combo HK 45
  • Butter Chicken Curry Combo is HKD 48
  • Biryani Combo is HKD 48
  • Double curry Combo is HKD 55
  • Samosa is HKD 22
  • Onion Naan or Garlic Naan is HKD 22
  • Indian Backed Chicken is HKD 18 / 33 / 45

The taste is nice and you may enjoy it.


Value for money

It is situated in busy shopping mall


It's convenient only if you are in Tung Chung

Limited menu options

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